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Are Energy Drinks Bad For Teeth?

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We know you’ve heard it before, sugar’s not good for your teeth. And we’re not talking only about sugary foods–drinks count too. In this post, we’ll discuss energy drinks, and why they pose a danger for your teeth.

How Bad Are Energy Drinks for My Teeth?

When it comes to energy drinks, a big part of the problem is the sugar they contain. Like fruit juice and soda, energy drinks are laden with sugar, which feeds the plaque bacteria that eat away at your teeth. Energy drinks are also highly acidic, which poses a risk to your precious tooth enamel. The drinks have been proven to damage the enamel, which, once lost, won’t grow back. Another problem with energy drinks is that they are often consumed when your mouth is dry so there’s no saliva to help counter the bad effects of the acid and sugar.

Sugar’s Devastating Effect

Any sugary food or drink poses danger to your teeth. The problem with sugar is that it actually feeds the bacteria that sticks to your teeth as plaque, allowing it to grow and eat away at your enamel. This leads to cavities, gum disease, and eventually even worse issues, such as tooth loss. Avoid this damage by limiting your intake of sugary indulgences. When you do sneak one into your diet, follow up by brushing your teeth as soon as you can. In the meantime, rinse well with water.

Is Coffee Any Better?

If you’re looking for a jolt, you should stick to coffee or black tea. These drinks are less acidic and contain no sugar–and we strongly urge you not to add it. It should be noted, though, that over time these beverages will stain and yellow the teeth. The simple fact is that unless you are severely dehydrated, when you are thirsty there’s nothing better for you or your teeth than plain old water.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Edgewater, Maryland

We get it, every once in a while you’re going to cheat and indulge in an energy drink or similarly harmful sugary food or beverage. That’s where great dental care comes to the rescue. Here at Edgewater Dental Arts, our skilled staff educates patients on great care, ensuring that they’re giving their teeth the TLC they need. Just as important to longterm dental health are biannual visits. Don’t have yours scheduled? Give us a call to schedule your next appointment.

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