We are excited to announce that we will begin seeing patients for non-emergency services beginning May 12th. Our team will be taking the appropriate measures and precautions to ensure that our patients and staff can interact safely. We appreciate your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Learn more here.

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Energy drinks pose special risks for teeth because they are both sugary and acidic. Plus they are consumed when your mouth is dry and saliva isn’t present to help offset the sugar. Read our blog for more info. Good oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings help make up for some bad food and drink choices to call today for an appointment.

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In today’s market, there are more options than ever when it comes to your dental cleaning supplies. Toothpastes in every flavor. Manual and electric toothbrushes. And there are even choices to make when it comes to how you want to get your flossing done: using the traditional dental floss or tape, or going for something like a water pick. Read our blog post to see if water picks are worth the extra cost over traditional dental floss.