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Cosmetic Dentistry Services to Get Before Valentine’s Day Arrives

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With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, now is the time to get your smile date night ready! With our help, you still have time to achieve a truly flawless smile. To learn about the cosmetic services offered at Edgewater Dental Arts, read on!

A Smile You Can Feel Good About

When you meet or greet someone, a smile is the first thing they’ll notice about you. Your smile is what people are drawn to when they look at your online profile picture, your wedding photos, your headshot, and more. The impact your smile can have on your self-esteem underscores the importance of oral health care. Preventative care is half the battle. By taking great care of your teeth, you’ll be getting out ahead of issues like bad breath, discoloration, and tooth loss.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services at Edgewater Dental Arts

Preventative oral care is absolutely essential, but there are some issues only cosmetic procedures can fix. Luckily, we offer a comprehensive range of services to target any dental woe:

  • Invisalign. Straighten your smile without wires and brackets. Invisalign offers a hassle-free way to straighten your teeth with subtle and comfortable clear aligners.
  • Teeth Whitening. Achieve a sparkling smile with professional teeth whitening. We offer three different options that promise to safely and effectively banish stains.
  • Porcelain Veneers. Whether you’re getting just one or a mouthful of veneers, you’re guaranteed to love the result. Veneers can quickly transform a smile from lackluster to magazine cover-worthy perfection!

Cosmetic Dentistry at Edgewater Dental Arts

Here at Edgewater Dental Arts, we can help you make sure that your smile is your best accessory for your Valentine’s Day rendezvous, and beyond! Interested in the services we’ve outlined in this post? Schedule a consultation by calling our Edgewater, MD office or filling out our convenient online form.

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John Cutting, DMD is an Annapolis dentist experienced in all aspects of dentistry. He provides complete care from general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative dentistry in his conveniently located and comfortable office, Edgewater Dental Arts.