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Tips for Maintaining Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a life-changing dental treatment. They permanently replace missing teeth and bring life back to smiles! After getting dental implants, you want to ensure you take great care of them so that they stay in great shape. Here are some key tips for maintaining your smile and your dental implants!

Regularly Brush & Floss

Good oral hygiene is one of the most important ways to keep your teeth and your implants healthy. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes every session and floss daily. This routine will help stave off bad bacteria and decay that can cause infections in the gumline and wreak havoc on your dental implants.

Avoid Eating Hard Foods & Opening Packages with Teeth

Food items such as jawbreakers and raw carrots can potentially damage the tooth restorations attached to your implants. If possible, cut tougher foods into smaller pieces. You can also find different ways to eat your favorites, like cooking your carrots to soften them instead of eating them raw. In addition to being mindful of the foods you bite into, we strongly urge you to avoid using your teeth for other purposes. It can be convenient to use your teeth when opening a package. However, this can crack or chip your restoration and also put unnecessary pressure on your implants. Always use scissors or another tool to get into packages.

Visit the Dentist Twice a Year

The American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and exam. This checkup allows your dentist to thoroughly clean your teeth and restorations as well as check for any dental issues. If you have a problem with your restoration or implant, your dentist will be able to address it before it worsens.

Questions about caring for your dental implants? At Edgewater Dental Arts, our knowledgeable team is more than happy to help you maintain a healthy smile after getting dental implants. Please contact our office to learn more!

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John Cutting, DMD is an Annapolis dentist experienced in all aspects of dentistry. He provides complete care from general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative dentistry in his conveniently located and comfortable office, Edgewater Dental Arts.