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Megaladon’s Teeth

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Last year, a science fiction/action film came out called The Meg starring Jason Statham. The plot centered on a group of scientists confronting a terrifyingly massive megalodon shark. While the movie may be fiction, the fact is megalodons are quite real. Well, at least they were. This incredible species of shark has long been extinct, but it still fascinates us today. As dental professionals, we can’t help but geek out over their incredible teeth in particular! Here are some fun facts about megalodon teeth.

extinct megalodon shark showing it's teeth

Size of the Megalodon & Its Teeth

Based on the fossil record, people guess that the megalodon was an average size of 34 feet long, but could get up to 60 feet. Knowing that, it shouldn’t be a surprise that its teeth were also massive. One tooth could be up to seven inches long! You can also see why they named the species “megalodon” in the first place: It actually means “big tooth!”

Megalodon Jaw & Teeth

Just like with other sharks, megalodon used their teeth to snatch and eat prey, so they had quite a powerful bite and thick, strong teeth. In fact, their strong jaws could exert up to 25,000 to 40,000 pounds of force. For reference, a human can exert 171 pounds of force with their molar teeth. You wouldn’t want to get caught in a megalodon bite!

Losing Teeth Throughout Life

As humans, we only lose and replace our teeth once in life when we move from baby or primary teeth to our permanent set of teeth. Sharks, on the other hand, are constantly losing and regrowing teeth over their lifetime. Megalodon were no exception to this, which is why there are still plenty of its teeth that can be found in the ocean. We wish you luck on your megalodon tooth-hunt at the beach!

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