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What Causes Mouth Ulcers?

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man holding his cheek and grimacing with mouth ulcers

Have you ever had a mouth ulcer? Or you may be more familiar with one of its most common forms: a canker sore. Unlike cold sores, these lesions appear somewhere inside your mouth. They can be quite painful and can make daily activities like chewing your food or brushing your teeth difficult. The answer to what causes them isn’t so simple though because there isn’t a universal, definitive cause. There are some known triggers though, and these can vary from person to person. We explore these common culprits behind mouth ulcers in this blog post!

Dental Injury

If you have a minor injury to your mouth, like say you got hit while playing sports or you accidentally bit your cheek while eating, that can cause a mouth ulcer. Another possible scenario is you’re brushing your teeth too hard or you slip and hit the inside of your mouth with the hard part of your toothbrush.

Certain Foods

Certain foods may also result in a mouth ulcer. For example, some people have a specific sensitivity to acidic foods like citrus that can prompt a canker sore to form. Then there are the cases where someone is eating food that’s too hot.

Health Conditions

There is a range of health conditions that are tied to causing canker sores. These include a viral infection, vitamin deficiency, and problems with the immune system. Even hormonal changes like menstruation may prompt a canker sore.

The good news is that mouth ulcers heal on their own in a matter of two to six weeks depending on how large and deep they are. But if your sores don’t seem to heal or keep recurring frequently, then we recommend going to see a medical professional for advice and treatment.

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