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How Do Dentists Check for Oral Cancer?

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One person dies from oral cancer every hour — but frequent screenings and early detection can stop it from growing deadly. Oral cancer screenings are an integral part of our preventative treatments here at Edgewater Dental Arts.

Causes & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

A variety of factors can contribute to oral cancer, but some of the more common ones are excessive smoking or tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive sun exposure, and lack of proper oral hygiene. Symptoms include sores that don’t heal, a whitish or reddish patch inside your mouth, loose teeth, a growth or lump in your mouth, mouth or ear pain, and difficulty swallowing.

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screenings are the best way to detect oral cancer — and the process only takes minutes. During your dental examination, we will carefully examine your mouth and tongue to check for any abnormalities. We will then scan your entire face, neck, and lips to check for lumps and bumps or unusual growths. This might include a gentle neck massage to check your lymph nodes. If we detect anything unusual, we will let you know if you require any further testing.

Oral cancer screenings aren’t scary! If you are committed to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle and stick to a consistent oral healthcare routine, you should take comfort in knowing that you are doing all you can to upkeep your oral health. Early detection of oral cancer means you are more likely to have a high survival rate, so receiving screenings at least once a year is a great way to ensure your oral health is in tip top shape.

Oral Cancer Prevention in Edgewater, MD

There are a few ways to prevent oral cancer. First, avoid smoking or tobacco products if at all possible, and limit your intake of acidic foods and beverages like alcohol. Brushing and flossing twice a day will stave off decay, but it’s also necessary to visit us twice a year for deep cleanings and examinations.

We at Edgewater Dental Arts are committed to helping you live a healthier life by providing you with comprehensive dental services to give you a bright, strong smile. Contact us at 410-956-3525 or schedule an appointment with us online to visit our office. We’re currently offering a special on exams and x-rays!

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