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Stop Grinding Your Teeth At Night

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man holds his head after waking up from a night of teeth grinding

If you’ve ever woken up with a sore jaw or you noticed that your teeth look more worn down than before, it’s possible that you’re dealing with bruxism. Bruxism is the fancy name for the condition when someone grinds or clenches their teeth regularly. More than just an annoying habit, bruxism can actually have some long-term negative effects on your health.

Why It’s Important to Stop Teeth Grinding

Your teeth are powerful tools, and when their force is applied on each other, it can cause serious dental problems. For example, the enamel of teeth may get worn down over time, which makes you more susceptible to cavities and tooth sensitivity. Additionally, the grinding or clenching can cause you to have tightness or pain in your jaw as well as headaches.

Your Treatment Options

Depending on how severe your teeth grinding is and what exactly is causing it, your dentist will recommend a different, customized treatment. The goals when treating bruxism are to prevent the teeth from damaging each other and to properly align teeth so that they fit together without unnecessary stress and pressure.

One common treatment option is to get a custom mouthguard made. When you wear this removable appliance at night, your teeth won’t be able to wear down on each other. If your teeth grinding is connected to an issue with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or the joint that helps you move your jaw, then TMJ treatment might be right for you. TMJ therapy may include an oral appliance like a dental splint or mouth guard as well as orthodontics.

Bruxism Treatment at Edgewater Dental Arts

Do you need some professional help managing your teeth grinding? Or maybe you think you might grind your teeth at night but you’re not quite sure? Edgewater Dental Arts is here for you! We provide services to treat bruxism, including TMJ treatment. Call us today to set up your appointment at our dental practice in Edgewater!

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John Cutting, DMD is an Annapolis dentist experienced in all aspects of dentistry. He provides complete care from general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative dentistry in his conveniently located and comfortable office, Edgewater Dental Arts.