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The Different Types of Dental Emergencies

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If a dental emergency strikes, the future of the tooth could be at risk. You need to know when to rush to the dentist because time is of the essence. In this blog post, we cover the most common types of dental emergencies—ones you should absolutely never ignore.

Knocked Out Tooth

Out of all types of dental emergencies, this one may be the most urgent. If this happens to you or a loved one, plan to get to the dentist right away, preferably within 30 minutes of the event. You’ll want to try your best to save the tooth. You should rinse it gently and avoid touching the tooth root. Try to return the tooth to the socket and hold it there by biting down on some gauze. If that’s not possible, transport the tooth to the dentist in some milk.

Cracked or Broken Tooth

With a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, the severity of the break will determine the urgency of the situation. No matter how severe, you’ll want to get to the dentist soon and get checked out. There, the dentist will address the situation and choose the best course of restoration.

Broken or Missing Crown or Filling

While you don’t need to run to the dentist to take care of a missing or broken crown or filling, you should give your dentist a call once you notice the issue. They’re likely to have you in within the next day or so to address the issue.

Severe Toothache

Tooth pain is never something you want to ignore. If you have severe tooth pain, it could be a sign of something serious like an infection. Infections in the mouth are capable of spreading and even causing life-threatening consequences.

Emergency Dental Care in Edgewater, Maryland

Emergencies are nothing but stressful. But here’s something that’ll put you at ease: we’re here for you in case of a dental emergency. Store our number in your phone in case disaster strikes, and we’ll walk you through whatever you need to do.

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John Cutting, DMD is an Annapolis dentist experienced in all aspects of dentistry. He provides complete care from general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative dentistry in his conveniently located and comfortable office, Edgewater Dental Arts.