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Many of our patients express some concern about the complexity of root canal therapy. We want to assure you that it’s an extremely routine procedure that we have extensive experience performing. We’d like to walk you through what you can expect after a root canal procedure so you know there’s nothing to fear.

The Procedure

Although root canal therapy is a several-step process, we can administer it easily and effectively. We’ll start by assessing if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. When you come in, we’ll thoroughly numb the area so that you’ll feel no pain or discomfort. Then we clean out the pulp and damaged nerve area from the chamber of the tooth. Once this is performed and the area is clean, we’ll place a filling to seal the core of the tooth. This eliminates pain you may be having from an infected tooth and will keep it from coming back.

Recovery & Healing

After your root canal procedure, you’ll need some time to rest. Once the anesthetic wears off, soreness and some facial pain may occur. Although this is normal, it should be helped with over-the-counter medication. You’ll need to eat soft foods like purees and soups, stay hydrated, and avoid using straws or tobacco products. Rest as needed, and brush gently around teeth.

When to Call Us

Although there will be slight discomfort after the anesthetic wears off, it should be helped by medication and should resolve within a few days. If it is intense and persistent, this could be a sign of an infection. We’d like you to call us if your pain worsens or does not remedy within one or two days. We’ll make an appointment to see you as soon as possible. Regardless of the bad reputation root canal therapy may have, it can make a world of difference for those who experience pain from an ailing tooth. It’s not as difficult of a procedure as some think, and it can greatly improve your quality of life. If you’ve been scared of having a root canal, don’t be. Let us walk you through the procedure at your consultation. We’ll set you at ease and let you know what to expect. Contact us today. Root canal therapy changes lives for the better!
Dr. John Cutting

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John Cutting, DMD is an Annapolis dentist experienced in all aspects of dentistry. He provides complete care from general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative dentistry in his conveniently located and comfortable office, Edgewater Dental Arts.