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Common Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Maybe it seems like everyone you know is getting their wisdom teeth removed or has already done it long ago. You may be left wondering, “Do I need to get mine removed too?” While it is a common procedure, wisdom teeth extraction isn’t actually required. It’s just something that might be in your best interest to get done if it’s going to cause dental issues down the road. So how do you know? Here are some common signs to keep an eye out for:


Pain is one of the most common symptoms when it comes to problematic wisdom teeth. This could be pain in your wisdom teeth because of an infection, pain in the surrounding teeth because they’re being shifted out of place, or pain in your actual jaw. Even if the pain turns out to not be an issue related to your wisdom teeth, it could be another concern that needs checking out anyway.

Gum Issues

When wisdom teeth come in, they can also lead to gum irritation. This is because bacteria can get into your gums and start an infection. You should take note if your gums are red, tender, swollen, or bleeding. If there is pus coming out from your gums, that’s definitely something you should have looked at by a health professional.

Jaw Problems

On top of a general pain coming from your jaw, wisdom teeth that need to be extracted can also make your jaw feel stiff or hard to open. Both of these symptoms may be due to the fact that your wisdom teeth are adjusting the alignment of your teeth, and you’re feeling the discomfort of that movement.

Reading through these common signs and realizing you might need to get your wisdom teeth removed? Call up Edgewater Dental Arts! We provide wisdom teeth extractions, and we would be happy to see you for a consultation.

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