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Edgewater Dental Arts is a modern dental office located just outside of Annapolis, Maryland. Recently renovated, Edgewater Dental Arts has the latest technology and amenities to make patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Our new technology includes:

Digital Dental X-ray

Annapolis dentist Dr. John Cutting uses digital dental x-ray technology. The exposure to radiation is reduced up to 40% compared to traditional dental x-ray technology. In addition, the digital technology delivers images instantly and with incredible clarity, allowing Dr. Cutting to intercept problems at the earliest stages.

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Intraoral Imaging

In addition to digital radiographs, Dr. Cutting uses an intraoral camera to take images of the teeth and inside of the mouth. These images give Dr. Cutting the opportunity to see things that could be missed with a visual examination. The intraoral images are stored with the patients digital dental x-rays so that Dr. Cutting can keep track of changes in the teeth and monitor possible problems.