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Missing Teeth

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There are many dentists in Annapolis that replace missing teeth, but few have the capabilities to offer complete treatment under one roof. Dr. John Cutting of Edgewater Dental Arts gives patients many solutions for missing teeth and personally carries out treatment in his convenient Edgewater dental office.

Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

Why do I need to replace my tooth? It’s in the back and no one can see it. Just like two gears that aren’t properly aligned, one missing tooth can cause the entire oral system to breakdown. These are just a few of the reasons why you should replace missing teeth:

  • Maintain proper alignment of teeth
  • Prevent gum disease
  • Retain bone structure

Options for Missing Teeth

Annapolis dentist Dr. John Cutting offers a full range of options for replacing missing teeth including dental implants, mini dental implants, dentures and dental bridges. Dr. Cutting will evaluate your condition to determine which choice is best for your needs and goals.

Dr. Cutting is one of the few dentists in the Annapolis area to offer “teeth in a day” solutions which is the immediate restoration of missing teeth with dental implants. Dr. Cutting can replace one, several, or an entire set of missing teeth with advanced technology that allows him to strategically place dental implants to support a prosthesis.